Sunday, 4 November 2012

Book Review Three

Tomorrow When the War Began
Book By: John Marsden
Book Review By: Maggie Chopra

                 During the weekend of the county fair, Ellie and 5 other teenage friends head well out of town to go camping in a rough mountain range called Tailor’s Stitch. The lovely hike and pleasant stay was a perfect way to spend their week, just until they realized that they potentially lost their whole family. When returning home, the 16 year olds came to know that everyone was missing, livestock were dying, dogs were dead, the power was out and there were no radio stations. It did not take them too long to realize that their country had been invaded. Leaving these young friends in a state of panic, they wondered if they should go back to camp and hide, wait for the army to come or go rescue their families. What would you do if your whole family was taken away from you?
                 In nearly all his literature, John Marsden typically does a fantastic job in using descriptive language to portray landscape and time period. Tomorrow When the War Began is a great example for that, as it was quite easy to recognize that the setting was held in rural Australia within the modern days as there were a lot of latest technology and it did not take too long to exit the city. Determination is the one word that could describe the basis of Tomorrow When the War Began. With an exception of courage, they had no weapons, with an exception of themselves they had no help, and with an exception of friendship, they had nothing. Although the world was full of people trying to kill others, the 8 teenagers came together with their courage and friendship to save the world. No matter how many times they stumbled, no one gave up. The statement that you should never give up, no matter how many things may stand in your way, keep trying, is what I feel was the main theme being portrayed. Although, together they struggled through the many events that acted like stumps on a path, they fought through and were well off in the end. With the brisk pace, realism of characters and heart racing action, this novel can satisfy adventurous mystery fans. Teamwork and survival is what this book is all about. Resilience could be another word to describe this narrative, and to implement this about people I mean that the characters in this tale have the capability to regain strength, even after facing challenges. Are you ready to strap up and get involved with the action? Find out if these young adults are successful in saving their loved ones, and read Tomorrow When the War Began – by John Marsden.


Lauren said...

I liked how you ended the summary paragraph with a question to keep the reader interested. I also think you chose great words to describe and keep the reader interested in the review.

Maggie said...

Thank you Lauren.

Jada said...

Maggie, why are you so amazing at everything? Your blog is amazing, and I love your title! This book review is so amazing! I really love the description and, like Lauren said, I love how you end your description paragraph in a question. I read this book - as we all did last year I think? - but your review is so amazing I want to read it again! You are truley amazing, Maggie! Your second paragraph is great and you include everything that is neccessary so well and you connected them all perfectly - well not quite, no one is perfect! - but it is truley amazing. I am so jealous! Keep up the great work Maggie!!!!!!!! :D

Maggie said...

Jada, You are a very awesome person and of course that is why I like you! Lol, not only that, your personality in one of a kind and I will die to have a friend like you. Thanks!!!!!!

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