Sunday, 4 November 2012

Book Review One

Virtual War
Book By: Gloria Skurzynski
Book Review By: Maggie Chopra

Devastation has spread all across the earth, with its’ population demolished by disease and disaster. All anyone really wants at this point is land that is safe to live on. The Virtual War is the only chance to take possession of the one and only tropical island in the Pacific that is uncontaminated by infection and destruction. A team of clever, strong, determined, and brave individuals will try their hardest to win the bloodless war between the other competitors. The race is on, and only one team can win…     
      Gloria Skurzynski’s books bring eagerness into their readers. I certainly had a hard time putting the book down, as every time I ended a chapter it made me want to read even more. Skurzynski seems like she wants the reader to consider how life could change in the future. The emphasis on the consideration that nearly all of our earth’s resources will be used up and people will be struggling to live safe lives was mentioned with strong clarity. Technology will be our last hope, was a thought that was stressed repetitively throughout the whole novel and this is what made Virtual War such a remarkable and finely woven book. Filled with action, suspense and deep descriptive details, it is a book for everyone. Will Corgan win the war and live his life with the girl of his dreams? I guess you should read the book and find out for yourself.


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