Sunday, 4 November 2012

Book Review Two

Book By: Helen Dunmore
Book Review By: Maggie Chopra

            Sapphire and her older brother Connor, raised on the coast of Cornwall, always wondered about the mysteries upon sea. Their life was always perfect, living with their mother and father along the shore, playing, swimming and exploring the waters. However, once their father goes missing, Connor begins to disappear for hours on end. Everything seems strange, until Sapphire discovers the thrilling but treacherous world buried beneath the waves. Sapphire Trewehlla is trapped between both worlds, yet only one can be chosen. Which one will she choose?
            Longing is the perfect word to summarize the book, Ingo, overall. This longing that Sapphire, Connor and their father felt for Ingo, that Sapphire felt towards finding her supposedly dead father, and what she felt for her life to return to its same state before her father went missing. Helen Dunmore’s descriptive words made me critically think about the message that she was trying to portray while writing this magnificent fantasy fiction, and there were definitely several separate ideas she interpreted. Not everything should be taken at face value was the theme that echoed throughout this narrative. For example, Ingo was represented as a hidden world with beautiful yet dangerous characteristics. The fact that anyone could loose him or herself in Ingo explained that nothing should be judged at its first glance. When Sapphire first discovered this mysterious land beneath water she thought it was the flawless place to play, though she never knew about the secret threats that were concealed inside. Countless symbols were shown in this story to express the theme as well, one being Sapphire itself. She was revealed as a preteen whose decisions were not always the best as they fluctuated just like the tides. The land in this book symbolized the bondage with family that should never be lost. Sapphire tends to lean towards her desires at sea, but what is holding her back in the connection with her family. Humans have wants and desires, and what you want does not always mean that it is the right thing for you. Again, just because Sapphire desired the sea, it that did not necessarily mean that it was a perfect place for her. This fiction book does not only satisfy younger crowds, but is literature for any age. Earth or Ocean, will Sapphire give up her family for her wish? It is up to you to find out, read Ingo – by Helen Dunmore.


Osereme Omosun said...

Your first paragraph really gives me a clear sense of what Ingo is really about. Already I have an idea of what the authors intentions are in the novel and who Sapphire really is. Awesome book review!!!

Maggie said...

Thanks Osereme!

Jami said...

Great job Maggie! I like the way you end your critique paragraph. It looks like you've put a lot of work into your blog I like background, your quotes and everything else. Lovely!

Maggie said...

Thank You Jami!

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