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Litspiration Challenges

Character Sketch- Virtual War: Corgan
After reading the book Virtual War, I realized that the way that the main character was described was not only by direct speech but indirectly as well by things like effects & actions. Below is a picture of how I would see Corgan in my mind:

People who read this book may disagree with me because everyone has their own opinions. However, I do have reasons in which I drew every single thing about Corgan in here. First of all, this picture of Corgan is drawn after he moves to Isles of Hiva. He was mentioned as a very tough man, with worn out hands.  When he moved, he was given jeans and a t-shirt for a gift from the Supreme Council. Also, he was a son of a famous tennis playing mother and a very intelligent scientist as a father. Being that he was modified to become smart and strong, I showed him having large muscles. All these factors influenced Corgan's look and that was the reason he was drawn like this.

S.T.E.A.L. Examples Below
Speech: "There's something else different about me, too. Look." His hands rough and splintered, with fingernails ragged and none too clean. * This part explains that Corgan had very rough and dirty hands, also adding to the ragged strong look of his body. *
Thoughts: * Since Corgan was not the narrarater, and this book was narrated in 3rd person, there is no thoughts that influenced or described anyone. *
Effects: "Where did you get that cut on your hand?" Mendor demanded. Corgan had forgotten about his scrape from the hover car. He hadn't even noticed it during the morning sanitizing in his Clean Room. "Its nothing," he said. "Let me see!" The tactile simulator turned on and Mendor the mother figure reached out to grasp Corgan's hand. "How did this happen?" "I don't know. Leave me alone!" "Any little break in the skin can be dangerous," she said patiently. "Be a good boy and ___." * This part of speech took from the book shows that Corgan had a huge influence on his virtual parent figure, and his surroundings. Mostly because he was one of the most important people who must need to fight in the war that was coming up in the next few weeks, and no one wanted anything to happen to him. Also, he really cared about the higher authorities around him, as he did try to show some respect. * 
Actions: "Here goes!" he said. He raised his arms chest high, with his fists together. In a burst of force he flung both fists outward against the dome. His first blow shattered it. * In this part of speech from the book, it describes Corgan's strength as he only took one burst of force using his fists to shatter and break the glass dome they were trapped in. *
Looks: He did not pay attention... or to the gift of a sixty-year-old pair of blue jeans that one of the Council members told him was what people wore on the Isles of Hiva before they became uninhabitable. * In this part of speech from the book, it tells a little bit about what Corgan wore once he moved to Isle of Hiva. He was given jeans, along with a t-shirt, to put on while at that calm shore island. *

If I Were An Author...
Hi Everyone,
     I created this post to show you my taste in books and to display the characters in my book/ the type of book I would write if I were an author. My passion is reading fantasy and mystery books, they really entertain me as they tend to have a variety of mixed action going on while still having classic imaginational charm. This is the main reason I really enjoyed reading Ingo Chronicles- by Helen Dunmore.

     If I were to write a book, it would most likely be about the environment and how it affects different creatures on earth. While this could be turned into a non-fiction novel, I would create it being more of a fictional book by adding fantasy characters with environmental issue that are more creative like. My inspiration would come from the book Ingo and the book Virtual War. An intertwine of the actions occurring in both books is what I will try to achieve.

     The baseline of my first novel will be all about a 10 year old boy who always wondered about the dangers across sea. Though, he always knew that if he went exploring, everything would result in disaster just like with his sister. He lost his family in a major accident which took place when he was a small baby on his families house boat. But times have changed from then, the whole universe believes no longer in living on earth without technology. All anyone thinks about now is some way to incorporate technical knowledge and robots into everything. However Jacob, the young boy, wants to change the point of views of others around. His goal, ever since he learned to speak, was to be taught more information about his lovely older sister, just 16 when she passed away. Jacob did not know too much about his parents, but the knowledge he knew about his sister was something he never wanted to forget. All Jacobs goals were the same as Jessica, his 16 year old sister, including falling in love with the sea and its surprises just resting inside. He had a strong interest in learning about aquatic life forms, and discovering new forms of living things.

Below are some pictures and characteristics of the two main characters that would be present in my book:

Jessica (16-year-old)
With wavy rusty brown hair, luscious long eyelashes, dark blue eyes and a sweet smile. 

Jacob (as a baby)
With volumed bright brown and black hair, chubby little cheeks, narrow dark green eyes and the cutest baby smile!

Both these sketches of these characters are drawn by the very own, me :) 
Hope you like them!

Thanks for reading and enjoy...


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Kristin said...

Your pictures are so amazing!!! The STEALS really adds to the litspiration. The pictures you drew really matched the descriptions. Great job!! (Sorry I deleted the first comment it had a spelling error)

Maggie said...

Hah. Kristen Thanks!

Miss Groeller said...

Wow, this is really creative challenge, Maggie. You are truly "litspired!"

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Thank you..

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You are a fantastic Artist and you go into great detail while explaining. Baby picture was amazing and i think that you did a fantastic Job. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awe. Thanks Leah! (:

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