Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Term 2: Review 1

Elsewhere: Review 1
Book By Gabrielle Zevin
Review by Maggie Chopra

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin is a captivating novel, which really catches the reader’s attention. I quite often read books with adventure and mystery, but this book was different while still being interesting. My thoughts were very similar to my peer, Leah’s, as both of us agreed on many literary elements. She mentioned that love conquers all and life after death was the main two themes that were portrayed in this novel. Though I agree, I believe it could be termed in a way being that death does not mean life has ended; it’s the way you adapt that determines its outcome. Characterization is one thing that I would like to mention in greater detail, however Leah did use some hints about what the protagonist in the book was all about. Whenever I read a series or novel, I usually pick out symbols that are important about the makeup of the storyline. This helps me better understand the book as a whole. I saw some places where Leah mentioned the symbols I thought of, but I would like to expand on my reasons for each one. Overall, I think that my peer and I both had similar ideas, though there are some things that I would like to add and describe more details about.
         Does the afterlife question you? Do you want to know answers of what it possibly can be like? Well, Elsewhere is the book that will answer your questions. Zevin is a fantastic author who expresses great detail in her writing. This intriguing narrative brought the two worlds of Earth and Elsewhere together to compare them. The base of this novel was held in Elsewhere, the land where people who passed away went to live the afterlife. Because of the malls and modern day technology, this book was most likely held during the present time.  Character description is a topic that was portrayed well in this piece of literature as it clearly specified details that proved that Elizabeth Hall was the protagonist as the whole story revolved around her. She was shown as a friendly young teenage girl who had a great attachment to her family that she never actually knew of herself. There was also some hidden symbols that clued the themes in this book, one of them being the observation decks or the well. Both of these symbols represented a strong idea because no matter how hard Liz (Elizabeth) tried, she could never stop thinking about her past life on Earth. Though she never knew why. The observation decks allowed someone on Elsewhere to view their past life during the present time and the well allowed people on Elsewhere to have contact with their loved ones on Earth. I saw both these as symbolizing the fact that moving on could be hard, but spending your life not doing so would be worse. Because of this, I realized that the theme of this novel would be that death does not mean that life has ended; it is the way you adapt to it that determines its outcome. Now you may be wondering how someone can let go of the only life she had known and embrace a new one? The best way to find out is read Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin, it is surely one of my favorites.


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