Sunday, 10 February 2013

Litspiration Challenge #3

Poem- Elsewhere: Neal Sushterman

Two Similarly Different Worlds
Family stands by,
People sigh,
Not everyone can say goodbye,
Though no one knows truly why people die.

From young to old,
Everyone must go,
Though the date can’t be controlled,
Friends and family must adjust even if it is slow.

Do you ever wonder where people go?
The afterlife is all we know,
What we can’t understand still has no info,
For sure it’s hard to explain and show.

Two different worlds,
Which look quite the same,
No one knows at first,
But neither are lame.

Now once a loved one leaves our land,
Reaching this new world where many of the same stand,
They need help and must stay hand in hand,
Otherwise their life will feel like quicksand.

Life on earth seems normal to us,
But don’t you think we are a little bias,
What if we lived somewhere else?
I guess it is personal thoughts of ourselves.

Everything begins with the proper mindset,
Does it really matter if you have a truck or corvette?
Being different is good and should not make one upset,
Somewhere inside everything is the same so no one should regret.

Now if you were in a world,
That was different from your same,
Would you just quit and sit in shame,
Or would you try to adapt and fit in its frame?

A place this different is not yet known,
Though many stories were told but not actually shown,
So no one really knows what happens in the end,
But remember it is a never-ending trend.

Someone is born,
While another passes away,
Do not worry,
As it is common and okay.

This whole process was forced through the family of Hall,
When their beloved daughter named Elizabeth died quite small,
Though she was in her teenage years,
It filled many eyes with tons of tears.

Now I will say there is another earth,
Where the passed away go to stay,
It is where people begin rebirth,
Where their half abandon lives are continued and not left midway.

Life must be lived to its fullest is what many say,
Between the two worlds is the transporting highway,
Now it is your decision if you want to live this way,
Otherwise it will be thinking negatively that death will end your life straightaway.

I shall let you know now that the place is Elsewhere,
The land of the dead,
It is quite different from where we live while still being the same,
At least that is what’s said.

If you want to read more about Elsewhere, be sure to read the book Elsewhere – by Gabrielle Zevin.


Maanasa said...

Hey Maggie!
This is the best litspiration challenge I have seen yet. Your poem is very heartfelt and people can relate to it. Amazing work!
Can't wit to see your future posts :)

Maggie said...

Thank you Maanasa. Although, I have to say you are an amazing writer as well! Thanks again...

Reuben said...

Great Poem Maggie,
It was really touching and heartfelt. The thing I think will make it better it changing title a bit because it is a bit confusing, I think you should say "A poem I made from Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin."

Maggie said...


Thanks for the suggestion Reuben, I will consider that!

- Maggie

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