Sunday, 3 February 2013

Term Two: Review Two

Everlost: Review 2
Book By: Neal Sushterman
Book Review Written By: Maggie
         Everlost, the first from the skinjacker trilogy, is a fantastic young adult fantasy novel; a perfect teen read. Paige and I had related judgments about this book, but yet there were some opinions that I believed were very diverse. With so much going on throughout Everlost it was quite hard to find a main plot, as Paige mentioned, but it did not cause a negative effect on my read. Just as my peer declared, the author gave a perfect quantity of detail resulting in allowing the reader to be engaged and wanting to know more. One concept that I did not agree with Paige on was the theme. I understood that the theme of Everlost was not only the place you would end up after you’re finished living, but also the deleterious consequences on kids when they are left alone. Agreeably, my peer and I both alleged that the book, though marked horror, was more compelling than creepy.
         Neal Sushterman wrote several enthralling books all worth reading, but one that I would like to point out is Everlost. This novel reminding me of several books I had read in the past, including Elsewhere and Gone, being that all these had the common idea of the life after you’re done living you’re first one. There were several things going on in this piece of literature, making it difficult to distinguish the main storyline from the smaller situations. My nearest prediction for the core plotline would be in the mid-life between living and the dead, around the time of 2000 to 2010 because the language and setting gave a hint that it was not too far in the past, nor in the future. The never-before-seen world that the author created was a mysterious yet motivating setting. Clearly, the characters were extremely well displayed, revealing each and every aspect, but not spoiling the overall pleasing topic. As for the theme, many would say it is just the afterlife between life and death, but I saw more then that. While that is the correct idea, the book also hinted about children and their influence when parents are not around. In this novel, Everlost was portrayed as a land without any adults leaving the children on their own to solve their own problems and be leaders for the newcomers. Though, it was neat how Shusterman exhibited some kids taken advantage of having no adults, resulting in it becoming a diverse society where not everyone got along with each other. Unfortunately, I cannot say too much more, leaving you to find out more about the adventures in Everlost. If you are looking for a good book, be sure to read Everlost by Neal Sushterman. 


Heather said...

Maggie this book review is so good! :) Great Job, i love the transition of your sentences and I like how you were about to connect everything together in you first and second paragraph!

Maggie said...

Thank you Heather. Although, this review is nothing in comparisn with your writing <3

Heather said...

That's definitely not true and you know it. Either way, I love your word choice and your mention of literary elements throughout the review. Good Job!

Maggie said...

Thanks, but you should accept what your good at (** cough, everything, cough **). :)

Makenna said...

First of all, that was a remarkable compelled book review. I felt as if I had actually read the book but that I never finished it leaving me wondering about how the book ended. I honestly want to read this book just to read the ending.

Your book review was beautifully written with extraordinary word choice, I hope that you do continue writing amazing work like this. I do have one question for you though. As I seen you have written a lot of other reviews on different genres of books, what made you choose this kind of genre?

Maggie said...

Thanks for the compliments Makenna! As for your question, it is really just because of the earlier books I had read and I wanted to choose something that had a simliar plot line as I really liked the books I read in the past. I usually stick to the same kind of category of books, for example, I really like mystery novels and I prefer a series because of the suspense and lies at the end of each book wanting you to read more...

Well, I hope you decide to read this book because I could say it is a really good one (:
Thanks again,
- Maggie

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