Friday, 22 March 2013

Books V.S. eBooks

Hi Guys,

I know everyone has their own personal preferences, but just out of curiosity, who likes Paper Books v.s. e-Books? For those who do not know, eBooks are electronic or digital books.


Paper Book

Personally, I prefer paper books because I love the feeling of turning a page and the reality of holding a book open. Also, we have so much technology in our lives already, I think eBooks may be going overboard. Though, again that is my personal preference....

Please comment and post your ideas below :)


Sanchit said...

I like paper books better because I cant read with the e-book and also in a paper book you can actually turn the page physically which is a lot different form the e-book. An advantage with the e-book though is that you can read in the dark. Wouldnt it be cool if there was a book that could glow in the dark? Check this out... there is only a couple of books that title illuminates in the dark...

Maggie said...

Thanks! That would be really cool... I totally agree with your opinions but again, what can beat a paper book? ;)

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