Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Changes in Blogging

Check out my group blog where we share our thoughts and conversations about pieces of literature, specifically The House of the Scorpion:

Changes in Blog Posts: Post #1 - April 8, 2013
Hi everyone! Sorry for not posting lately, but I just wanted to notify the individuals who look at my blog that there will be a change in the theme of what I will be blogging about. In my previous posts you may have realized that I was reading and reflecting on a variety of books. In general, I was focusing on various different kinds of novels which I chose according to my likes and posting lots about miscellaneous literature related stuff. Although I will be changing my main focus, I will still try to continue to talk about diverse kinds of novels I read and films I watch. 

Lets talk about a little bit of the recent project we were just introduced to where we are in groups of 4-5 and will be reading the book above: The House of the Scorpion - by Nancy Farmer. Basically we are going to be reflecting and recording what we think about it, including emotions felt, likes, dislikes, quality, etc. Please feel free to check the link above (or click the picture above) to find more details about our recordings that we will begin to post very shortly.

I am thrilled for this project because I absolutely love reading and reflecting on what I think about different kinds of literature. I really enjoyed the types of posts I was doing before, and I am sure that I will be enthusiastic about this one. However, one thing I am hesitant about is if this book is going to be something I like to read. Though, I can tell by the title that it seems quite interesting, as it shows a metaphor. I believe The House of the Scorpion may be a metaphor, explaining a characteristic of an individual which links to the characteristics of a scorpion. Anyways I guess the only way to find out would be to read the book, and I cannot wait to start!

Lastly, as for the change of content in my blog posts I would like to let everyone know that I will be doing individual posts about this book often, so stay tuned to know more!

Thanks and Hope you Enjoy...
~ Maggie 


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