Monday, 22 April 2013

Thoughts So Far

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Just to keep my readers posts, we have began reading The House of the Scorpion and so far it is one intriguing read. Basically, the plot line begins at the stage when scientists where trying to clone  individuals. Though unfortunately only one survived, named Matt. It moves on to when Matt grew up in a little house in the poppy fields with his caretaker, Celia. In this chapter the author chose to write a few phrases in Spanish, which indicated to me that this could have been occurring lands where Spanish language is spoken. I later realized that Celia was a servant who worked as a Chef in the Big House. Before I got to that point, there were several instances where Matt had the change to exit his little house but was told not to. This confused me as I believed that Matt should have been able to explore the areas in the poppy fields. An inference I had made earlier on was that Celia was a slave so maybe Matt could not exit the house since he was part of a slave family. My beliefs about this topic changed once I read on throughout the book, as I began to realize and identify more facts about the Alacran family including that their name translated to the Scorpion family/ house (explains the title of the book). An section that I found odd in the book was when Matt - with his hurt foot - was first brought into the Alacran house, everyone saw the blood and quickly thought of helping him clean up. Though as soon as they realized he was a clone, they rejected to even keep him inside the house, let alone help him clean up. This really questioned me, and as I read on I tried to keep it in my mind to find clues on why clones were so harshly treated. Why did they not think of Matt as a normal boy? What makes him being a clone so odd? Further through the novel, I noticed that El Patron and Matt were quite alike, mainly because Matt was El Patrons clone- quite different from normal novels who do not bring up a topic like cloning! Matt was taken from Celia for quite a long time, where he was 'stored' in a room, much like a prison. He was treated like an animal and thrown in a nasty little, dark, shabby room where his bed was also taken away and replaced with saw dust. The only person, who I understood, considered Matt as a friend who was from the Big House was Maria. This was weird as almost every single individual who lived at the Big House hated all clones, except Maria. This was one of my questions, why was Maria not afraid or disgusted by Matt being a clone? I will look for further evidence that will help me to support my answer for those questions that I talked about. As for my inference for the next chapter, I believed that Matt will still be stuck in his little room in the Big House and will get into bigger trouble because Celia probably tried to get him out and Matt is the one being punished for it.
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