Monday, 20 May 2013

Film Study: The House of the Scorpion v.s. Gattaca

            Gattaca and The House of the Scorpion were two pieces of literature that may have had different plot lines, but similar protagonists. Matt and Vincent live in societies that differentiate them based of something that cannot be controlled. Both characters desperately try to hide their true selves in order to fit better in their surroundings.

            Vincent lives in a world where genetic modification can easily alter the many characteristics of a human, and is actually encouraged to ensure to create a child that is no less perfect than any other. Though, even the slightest defect can class the child as defective and can separate it from doing the things that everyone could. Vincent is the child that would normally be considered human, but due to his genetic make-up, he is categorized as less suitable for traveling into space and instead is ordained a life employed at a boring career. Eager to become the normal that society accepts, Vincent undertakes the personality of Jerome. This allows Vincent to achieve his lifelong goal. Although he is constantly prompted of himself being unusual by the many gene tests he endures, he continues to push on and meticulously uses skills and techniques to convince that he is the real Jerome. Unfortunately, in this society Vincent must work harder to accomplish his ambitions just because of society considering him a non-superior being.

            Matt is singled out from the other because he is not the same; he is a clone. Matt faces similar discriminations as Vincent, however Matt must deal with that fact of him being a photograph of another powerful and evil man. In this world, being genetically modified is not advantageous; it just means that your body parts are utilized to extend lives of those who have similar DNA. Creating clones can only do this and El Patron has done so for multiple years. Realization slowly strikes Matt about his true purpose, and he begins to hide the fact of him as a clone. He frantically tries to learn as much as possible so that he can impress others and hopefully come to the point of convincing that he is similar to every other normal boy. “He was in rage to learn. He would excel, and then everyone would love him and forget he was a clone.” (Farmer 91).

            Both Matt and Vincent battled with the odds throughout their lives, trying to prove to the world that regardless of their differences, they can be just as prosperous as any other individual. As seen in each piece of literature, they both confronted the chances and succeeded things that no one else alleged possible. On one hand, Vincent finished his goal of visiting space, whereas Matt on the other hand, became the leader of Opium, saving it from the evil presence of El Patron. As an additional advantage, they both received further acceptance in their society and I assure you they very well deserved it! Throughout all the experiences in their lives, it clearly signified that Matt and Vincent were both round and well-built characters, making them excellent heroic protagonists in either piece of literature. 


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Wow! This is a really great post! I totally agree about how Matt and Vincent are very similar! If you would like to learn more about The House of the Scorpion, please take a look at our blog, and feel free to leave a comment! Thank you so much!!! (:

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