Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Policy of Isolation and Its Affects on Worldview

We, as humans, are designed in a particular way and need specific things to survive. Our bodies may be hot or cold, but if the temperature are too extreme then they can fail. That's just like our minds, which need exercise to prevent boredom otherwise it can eat our mind like starvation does to our bodies. But what is this boredom leads to isolation that is not only affecting us as individuals, but our whole community and country? This idea of isolation prevents the spread of influence from outer societies this restricting the increase of technological advancements. 

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You may have realized that I have written the beginning of an essay and that is exactly what I am finishing very soon. I hope that it caught your attention, and hopefully you are interested in reading the rest. Stay tuned for the future post that will contain my essay about "A Policy of Isolation and Its' Affects on Worldview."

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