Friday, 28 June 2013

Life's Lesson: Never Show You May Fall

 Life is nice, 
Life is kind,
Life is a piece of cake,
But this definition of life only exists in a world that is completely and utterly fake. 

In true life you may struggle & fight,
But should never let someone see you fall,
Though you may be small and weak,
You should always stand proud and tall.

On Earth, the world would we live in, reality can be tough,
But the best thing to do is wear a smile,
And never show you may cry,
You should fight to live when times are rough,
Even though you may want to die. 

Always remember that life is meant to be hard,
And you may end up struggling through it all,
But as we said before its fine to struggle,
Though NEVER show you may fall.... 

~ Maggie Chopra ©


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