Monday, 30 September 2013

The Sea Devil

Recently last week all the grade 9's took a week long trip to a Marine Science Center in Bamfield (BMSC) and studied biodiversity near the coast. It was just mind blowing seeing all the life that lives under the blue glassy sea as we see it. During this trip, we read a short story "The Sea Devil" by Arthur Gordon and I wrote a couple paragraphs about my reactions piece of literature.


"The Sea Devil" by Arthur Gordon; a creature who haunts the dark ocean floor. This short story sets a tense tone along the coast of where Florida thrusts into the tropics. A man in his late twenties plays a role of a protagonist is this text  and faces a fight against the demon devil of the sea. Originally, the reader may think of this man, who fishes for a hobby, as a wide-shouldered, bulky, and strong person, but as the story moves along they will understand that no matter how strong one is, sometimes everyone cannot handle everything. As a reader, my initial feelings towards the protagonist was that he was a strong fisherman who loved the sea. "But he liked to go casting alone at night" (pg. 33) hinted that the protagonist was interested in spending time along the shore/ sea fishing to take his mind off of things. Thereafter as the story developed, I began to think that this man who "worked with his head and not his hands" may not have been so "smart" after all.

Foreshadowing occurred ofter throughout this story, as I believe it was a predictable general plot; the protagonist gets in a tough situation, does not think he can make it, but he always succeeds/ survives in the end. Throughout this piece, the author chose to focus on developing setting and tone which gave an idea of what the story was based around. This also indicated why the author did not give a name to the protagonist, it was more free where the reader could "melt their self" into an image of what (in their mind) the protagonist would be. Gordon chose to focus on setting tone which was evident as the tone clearly depicted mystery and suspense. After reading this story, I was immediately reminded of where we were - Bamfield. As the story was told, it continuously repeated that the mullets/ fish swam away when the sea devil was in the area. It reminded me that the sea devil was a dark shadowy figure that was a predator of the whole sea, and the first thing that came to my mind was a shark. It was interesting how my thoughts compared to the actual story and in the end it was a great read!


 It would be really interesting if you looked at "The Sea Devil" by Arthur Gordon and commented about your thoughts of this short story! Thanks for reading everyone...

~ Maggie


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