Monday, 30 September 2013

Whale Story

My previous post talked a little bit about how all the grade 9's in my school visited BMSC (Bamfield Marine Science Center) for about a week to study about biodiversity along the coast. Along with reading "The Sea Devil" by Arthur Gordon, we read the "Whale Story" excerpt by Cheryl Kaye Tardif. Below, I wrote a little bit about my thoughts and future predictions of what would happen next in this wonderful story!

An excerpt of "Whale Story" by Cheryl Kaye Tardif had an interesting plot. During the beginning, Tardif decided to develop the story by introducing the protagonist who was just about to move. She also identified a little bit about who the protagonist was. Her name was Sarah and she was 11 years old, but as you read through you got a lot more information about her make up and the basics about her family. The climax in this excerpt was basically the end where a voice behind Sarah said "That was my brother" (pg. 27). It left me, as a reader, in suspense as to what would happen next. Earlier in the excerpt, Sarah's father warned her to never swim further from the rafts out in the ocean by sharing a story to her: a girl and her brother went for a swim, but the brother swam a little to far and was never found again. Since Sarah was a typical curious eleven year old, she did not listen to her father's warning. 

Being that this story is most likely a fantasy or mystery, I hypothesized that in the next chapter Tardif will continue with the idea of the girl who lost her brother and introduce that unknown girl. Going forward, I inference that the girl with a lost brother and Sarah will eventually become friends and together discover the mysteries of the ocean, where her brother is and how he got there. It was quite fascinating that this story could turn into a mystery novel because it seemed unexpected compared to how "Whale Story" began. 

In relation to theme, being that I only read a small excerpt of "Whale Story" it is hard to determine the overarching theme. If I linked a theme to the excerpt from what I know I would say that everything always has a 'good side' if you are optimistic. For example, in the beginning Sarah was very upset about moving and continuously pointed the negatives, but when she moved she realized that is was not too bad - I mean she always had the sea behind her house where she could go out for a swim, and her room was just fabulous. Another hint to this theme was Sarah's mother, who at first was unsuccessful in her actress career, but eventually became a painter and realized she was just as happy. All this information added to the theme of being optimistic with and positive outlook and how that will always result in a happier ending. 

Some general things I noticed during my read were the small hints that Tardif intentionally included. In the first chapter, she portrayed Sarah as a stubborn but curious pre-teen, which connected to what happened further in the story. When her father told Sarah about the boy who mysteriously got lost along the same area where she would go for a swim, she (being so curious) decided that she would take the risk and see where that boy could have vanished. I bet that there would be more intentional hints like this further throughout the story, but this is just one I identified in this excerpt!


Alright, thanks for reading everyone! If you get the chance, read "Whale Story" by Cheryl Kaye Tardif and tell me what you thought. It would be interesting if we compared our thoughts and see how other people view stories!!!!

Thanks Again,
~ Maggie


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