Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS: Free Write

Hi Everyone!

I know that I have not kept everyone up to date for quite a while, but I have another thing to share today. We just completed a free write that is connecting to the Global Issues Novel Study (GINS) that we were pursuing earlier. Basically this was meant to connect our learning by doing a free write in the perspective of the main character in our GINS novels. My GINS novel (for a recap) is The Flying Carpet of Small Miracles by Hala Jaber. Please enjoy and if you have any comments or questions feel free to ask below!
Iraq is in ruins, just disastrous. My homeland is wrecked and I cannot believe that in a split second my whole life is turned upside down. Being a reporter is really hard, especially comparing my values at home in Baghdad with those of where I live abroad I can notice several differences. Yes my life abroad is much more sophisticated and “nicer,” but that does not mean that I do not miss my old life, my family and most of all my heritage. After the 2003 war I have received a LOT more work load to deal with and being that I am such a sensitive person it does not help.

In the past, learning that I was not able to have children that my husband and I longed for was quite upsetting. However even worse is the fact that so many innocent children and their lives were taken from this dreadful war itself. What were they fighting for? Hurting the thousands of poor lives of my native people for reasons unknown. It may have been true that the political element of Iraq was in trouble and was supposedly harming the Iraqis, but it does not go to show that several thousands innocent Iraqi lives had to be taken for one  dictator to be overthrown. This world has turned into a killing ---, you know what I mean.

My heart wrenched every single time I saw those pouting faces of innocent children wanting their lives to be better, just wanting to have another chance. Not only that, but even those families who lost their loved ones or those who were the only ones left! Again, why so much torture? Why so much pain? Can’t our world just live as one?

We spend night and day worrying about the future, but just thinking about our present instead of worrying every minute of our lives can change us. Why did the United States have to get involved in the ongoings of Iraq? They had no solid evidence that Iraq was ANY threat, so it was plain pointless to hurt so many. I just wish that our people all live as one and understand that war is not always the way.

“Hana,” my father use to say, “You are too sensitive to everything, are you sure that reporting on these events is the best job for you?” I know that he cares about me, but I feel the sole responsibility to help my people and others all over the world who need to have a voice. Those children who are just pushed in the corner and are continually put through pain need to stand up and I am there to ensure they can. I am there to help them and help everyone else on this planet by letting them know that there are people on this earth that have MUCH harder lifestyles than the joys we enjoy daily.


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