Friday, 7 March 2014

GINS #4: Mini Challenge

Hi Readers!

As a brief explanation of my work below, I was asked to create a piece of word art that incorporates the most powerful quote from my GINS novel The Flying Carpet of Small Miracles by Hala Jaber. Please take a look below for more details!


"Did the people boogying the night away not realize that there were widows out there who would never dance again? … Did anyone here really care?" 
                                    ~ Hala Jaber, The Flying Carpet of Small Miracles (pg. 125)
The quote above portrays a sneak peak into the overall message sent through the novel Flying Carpet of Small Miracles. Everyday, the developed countries around the world enjoy their lives dancing and laughing, but not once do they realize the hardships that the other countries may be facing. This novel took place in Iraq, a literal war country in 2003 and many years after. Although the United States were claiming to be aiding Iraq out of political tensions by overruling the existing dictator, they were oblivious to the several innocent lives that were taken between the process. The several families who lost their loved ones and their homes. The several smiles torn off of every Iraqi face. Iraq's happiness clearly taken away, while the Americans back home continued to live their life in joy! 

The word art image above is two fold: with the left side depicting the "Western World" whereas the right side depicts "Iraq" (with a  women wearing a traditional hijab). While we relaxed in the warmth sunbathing, the Iraqi's suffered and lost many loved ones. We keep our eyes blindfolded, but Iraq sees it all. They see the devastation in comparison to the relaxation, but we still do nothing and now they ask "Did anyone here really care?" 

All I ask is if ANYONE REALLY CARES? Honestly, if we do we must know that even though we may not be able to stop these devastating wars, we can always help out with the outcomes. Those young children impacted from war only needed better healthcare and love. With these two simple tasks, millions of lives could have been saved but most of us were busy with our own lives. I believe that we can help, only if we try! Its a lot to say, but it is definitely possible. 


Thanks for reading everyone! Please leave your thoughts and comments below :)


Miss Groeller said...

Such a powerful and complex image, Maggie! Wonderful!

Maggie said...

Thanks Miss. Groeller!

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